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A Perth Bar Crawl From 50,000 Feet

WARNING: If you’re of a nervous disposition I’d advise against watching this video.

It still makes me wince every time I see myself clambering out the tiny door and putting my foot on the wheel step. You’ll see what I mean….

If you’ve just jumped out of a light aircraft over Perth, you’re probably in need of a stiff drink (I most certainly was). Here’re some great bars to get that much needed thirst quencher after plummeting to Earth from 50,000 feet.

The Mechanics Institute: Great bar in the heart of Perth’s Cultural Centre, with a wicked view of the city from their rooftop beer garden. A constantly changing cocktail menu ensures there’s something for everyone…although I still always go for a Hillbilly Bob’s Ruckus Juice and a burger from their kitchen downstairs. Winners of the 2013 Small Bar Of The Year Award. Well done chaps!

El Publico: Modern Mexican kitchen and bar on Beaufort Street with Australia’s best new culinary chef Sam Ward at the helm. Not only do they serve great and extremely interesting plates of food straight from the streets of Mexico, they’ve got an extensive tequila and mezcal menu. If I remember rightly last time I was there I had mezcal ice pops with sea salt and something else….but I can’t remember rightly because I had mezcal ice pops.

Stables Bar: No horses here anymore, no Sir. There used to be mind you, loads of them too as The Stables Bar in the CBD was originally one of Perth’s historic equine retreats. Now it’s split over two levels, an outside bar with panoramic views of the city skyline up top, and a cobbled courtyard and bar down below. The food menu is a take on modern Australian dining, but most importantly of all they serve a great pint of Guinness.

The Classroom: “The Classroom takes you back to the school days of yesteryear when we were younger and learning was fun” Learning? Fun? Can I just have one of your great cocktails please? Like the one I had at the Margaret River Gourmet Escape when you had a stall there. It was the liquid nitrogen espresso martini and was the best cocktail I had all weekend. Definitely worth a visit to North Perth just for the -196 degree cocktail alone.

The Bird: The relatively new Bird in Northbridge (5 mins walk from the CBD) is a bar and music venue supporting local artists and touring bands. They have open-mic nights on every third Tuesday of the month and I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THERE but am always away on my Taste Mastering duties. When I’m in Perth I like to hang out and listen to local bands and artists there, usually with a pint of Feral Hop Hog. Good beer garden too, simple and a bit grungy. Perfect.

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