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Going For Gold (and why don’t you come too)

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is 600km east of Perth in Australia’s Golden Outback and I’m here to pan for gold, have a look at the Super Pit, sit in some massive trucks, drink some ale and eat big things.

Settlers arrived in the late 1800s after trekking across the desert to find their fortune from gold in the ground. They obviously knew what they were doing as today the area is dubbed The Golden Mile, the richest square mile on Earth.

I had a brief go at panning for gold and quickly realised those guys back in the early days must’ve had a lot of patience. Nowadays you can buy a license to search for $25, pick up a metal detector and away you go.

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Top Four Big Things

Western Australia is a very big place with very big things in it, and throughout my travels I’ve compiled my Top Four Big Things list.

I was going to do a Top Five Big Things but got to number four and couldn’t find a fifth.

Anyway, Top Five’s are SOOOOO 1990’s.

The year is 2013 people, so let’s get with the times. This is my TOP FOUR BIG THINGS LIST (so far) of WESTERN AUSTRALIA!

Number 4

Bananas are big business up in Carnarvon, the food bowl of Western Australia. With $104 million worth of fruit and veg being grown annually (including more than half of WA’s banana crops) no wonder they’re so proud of their fresh produce. Continue reading

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Great West Australian Wheatbelt Road Trip- THE MOVIE!!!

Howdy folks, here’s a little video I made after visiting the Golden Outback’s Wheatbelt region.

We had a great time at The Kulin Bush Races and Cambinata Yabbies Extravaganza, and if you want a bit more info about these events, have a look through my blog and read The Great Aussie Wheatbelt Road Trip parts one and two (published a couple of blogs ago).

Bye for now, have a lovely day!