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Kimberley Aerial Highway

Morning folks, today we set off on the Kimberley Aerial Highway. A series of airstrips landing you in some of the Kimberley’s most iconic landscapes and unique accommodations, from Cape Leveque and the Bungle Bungle Ranges of Purnululu National Park, to Home Valley Station and El Questro Wilderness Park.

Kkkxxzzqqq….Good morning ground control, this is the Slingair Heliworks GA8 airvan requesting permission for take-off. I have Co-Pilot Keam on board and he’s been instructed NOT to touch ANY dials or buttons, nor is he allowed to “have a go” on the “steering wheel” over….kkzzzzxxx

Kkxxzzqq.…Roger Roger Heliworks, request granted. Where will you be flying today Roger Roger? Over.…kkzzxxxx

Kkkxxzzqq….We’ll be flying at an average altitude of 3,000ft and approximately 200km/h as we pass over the Western part of the Bungles. We’ll be able to see the vast Tanami Desert on the horizon, where the wind blows in to give the Bungle Bungle Range their distinctive beehive shape through erosion of their relatively soft sandstone. The eroded stumps of 350 million-year-old mountains, it is utterly unlike any other place on Earth.

We’ll then be passing over the massive tectonic shift of the Osmand Ranges and the Argyle diamond mine, the world’s largest producer of natural coloured diamonds, over.…kkkxxqqzzxx

Qqkkzzzzxx….Sounds like quite a trip Roger Roger, will you be passing the Ord top river dam as well? Roger Roger, over….kkxxqqqzz

Qqqxzzzzz….We’ll have a sneaky peek ground control. Built between 1969-72 the detonation to create enough rubble for the dam was Australia’s largest non-nuclear explosion at the time, and Lake Argyle is now classed as an inland sea it’s so vast. If you took one metre of water off the top of the lake, it would supply Perth with all its water needs for five years. Incredible. Over….kkxxqzzzz

Kkkkqxxzz….Wow Roger Roger, impressive stuff! You have a safe trip now, Roger Roger over….kkkqqzxxx

Kkkxxzqzz….Thanks ground control, but if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times, my name’s Stephen….kkkqqxxzzz

Tips and Tricks

Getting to the Kimberley Aerial Highway

  • The main departure points for the Kimberley Aerial Highway  are Broome and Kununurra. Departures are also available from Drysdale River Station, Wyndham, Warmun, Halls Creek, Mitchell Plateau, Bell Gorge and Derby.
  • Fixed wing, float plane and helicopter tours are available with a variety of Air Tour operators from Broome and Kununurra.