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Rottnest Island

Today I’ve been making the most of the various different types of transportation that can be utilised in Perth and the surrounding area.

Just like that film with John Candy and Steve Martin.

My day started off on foot (1) as I made my way to catch up with the Amateur Gourmet (remember him from previous posts?) We then took a car (2) to Jandakot Airport for our helicopter ride (3) across to Rottnest Island….

…where we picked up our pushbikes (4) for a bit of an explore before boarding the Rottnest Express speed boat (5) to see some dolphins, seals and whales (could’ve been number 6, but weren’t allowed to ride them)…

…before eventually returning back to Perth with Captain Cook Cruises (6, there we go)

Oh yeah! Then I got the bus home. (7)

Rottnest Island is an extremely popular holiday destination and is Western Australias very own island getaway. It’s a leisurely 30 minute ferry ride from Fremantle (or 15 minutes by chopper if you’re lucky) and is a strict car free zone.

…So let’s go pick up our bikes from the 2013 WA Tourism Award Gold Medal winners in the Specialised Tourism Services category, Rottnest Island Bike and Hire and have a look about!

I’ve had some amazing food experiences on my Taste Master journey, but what awaited us at one of Rottnests 63 pristine beaches was quite possibly my favourite lunch so far. Chef Anthony Bearman from the Rottnest Lodge was in charge and he cooked up a fantastic feast of local seafood which was perfect.

For a start, just look at the setting.


First course was Rottnest scallops on sliced chorizo with an orange and saffron reduction, followed by a simple barramundi parcel with white wine and herbs.

…and it gives me great pleasure to announce the award for dish of the day goes to the crayfish tail with crayfish wontons.

I’m well aware that an everyday trip to Rotto doesn’t usually include helicopter rides and your own personal chef cooking for you on the beach, but it doesn’t need to. It’s perfect as it is.

Tips and Tricks

My insider tips

  • Hire a snorkel, jump on a bike and go for a snorkel safari around the island.

Events to watch out for