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Shuckin’ All Over The World

“And he likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he liiiiiikkkes it, liiiikkkkkes here we goooo-oooooo, he’s shucking all over the world”.

Jerry Fraser, King of the Oysters, grew up in Peru, has shucked all over the world and now, luckily for Perth, plies his trade at the excellent Print Hall, the city’s first multi-level dining and bar precinct. His is the definitive word on the subject, shucking 5,000 oysters per week and if you want absolutely fresh, delicious oysters, there’s no other man to see. Visit Jerry.

Word of warning, just be careful not to mention the two words he detests most…the K word and the F word.

K is for Kilpatrick (a TERRIBLE way to cook oysters, hiding all their delicious flavour with fried bacon. Basically it’s a way to get rid of old stock).

And F is for Frozen. Like Jerry says “Don’t waste your money on frozen oysters. They’ve gotta be fresh otherwise there’s no point.”

Although extremely busy, he made time to give us a master class on shucking.

Here’s the Master.


And here’s the apprentice.


Jerry’s outlook is simple, good food, good drink, good friends and he never leaves home without a rubber.

(…..rubber thimble for his thumb that is, it helps with the shucking process!).

Tips and Tricks

Where you can find Jerry

My insider tip

  • Don’t forget to book!