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A Million and One Things to do in The Great Southern

Hello there Taste Master fans, I’ve just come back from a motorhome exploration of the Great Southern region (Albany, Denmark, Mt. Barker and Walpole) and I tell you what, they’re not short of things to do down there!

The Great Southern is the largest and most diverse region within Australia’s South West. It has wild, untamed coastal scenery created by the sheer force of the Southern Ocean, idyllic seaside towns that remind me of Cornish fishing villages back home and national parks with some of the world’s rarest species like the endangered Malleefowl.

There’s also significant historical importance linked to the area, with King George Sound near Albany being the first European settlement in Western Australia, and the city of Albany itself being the departure point for the majority of ANZAC troops leaving for Europe in World War 1.

Now, do you remember at the beginning of this blog me saying they’re not short of things to do down here??! Well here’s a photo gallery of my first 24 hours in Albany, hold onto your hats.

Wow, what a mammoth introduction to the city of Albany, but it warranted it because there’s loads happening down here. Look how tired I got though.

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The Perth Films – Eat Perth

Howdy folks, it’s Friday Film time again!

In the second of four short films all about Perth, I’m taken on a roving food tour of the city by Perth local and food fanatic Laura Moseley.

Laura is the Food Curator for the Beaufort Street Festival and in recent years has seen a fresh spark enter Perth’s streets. Historic buildings, spaces, corners, and laneways are being reactivated by passionate and creative entrepreneurs. Small bars, cosy bistros and restaurants, late night dining, pop-up shops, street food and farmer’s markets are at the very heart of this change.

Better still, many of these new haunts are showcasing Western Australia’s best fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Together Laura and I explore where old meets new in the city and visit many of her favourite hangouts, meeting some of the people at the heart of Perth’s vibrant food scene along the way.

It’s an extremely busy day of meeting, eating and drinking. Do we make it?! Find out here….

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Shuckin’ All Over The World

“And he likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he likes it, he liiiiiikkkes it, liiiikkkkkes here we goooo-oooooo, he’s shucking all over the world”.

Jerry Fraser, King of the Oysters, grew up in Peru, has shucked all over the world and now, luckily for Perth, plies his trade at the excellent Print Hall, the city’s first multi-level dining and bar precinct. His is the definitive word on the subject, shucking 5,000 oysters per week and if you want absolutely fresh, delicious oysters, there’s no other man to see. Visit Jerry.

Word of warning, just be careful not to mention the two words he detests most…the K word and the F word.

K is for Kilpatrick (a TERRIBLE way to cook oysters, hiding all their delicious flavour with fried bacon. Basically it’s a way to get rid of old stock).

And F is for Frozen. Like Jerry says “Don’t waste your money on frozen oysters. They’ve gotta be fresh otherwise there’s no point.”

Although extremely busy, he made time to give us a master class on shucking.

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