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The Golden Quest Discovery Trail

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m currently blogging from the car. I’m in Australia’s Golden Outback on the Golden Quest Discovery Trail with my guide Outback Jac, and every time I try and write a post at night he drags me into an Aussie Outback pub (…drags? Hmmmm, probably the wrong word).

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail is a 965km self-drive round-trip adventure, exploring the historical towns that were once booming 100 years ago when the Gold Rush hit. Nowadays the towns are more of an education of How We Used To Live.

I like a bit of history stuff so found it really interesting.

After waking up in the 31st President of the United States old bed at Hoover House, it was time to hit the road.

We passed through the living ghost town of Kookynie, population 2,320 hardy souls 110 years ago, compared to today’s 12.

The Grand Hotel Kookynie pub’s still open though.

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Super Capes!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?? No, it’s Super Capes! (kind of a weird tenuous Superman reference).

Mr Darren Capewell to be exact, and he goes straight into my Heroes of Western Australia list (alongside such luminaries as Brian Lee from my heady mud crabbing days and Rod Evans, whom I met in the Kimberley where he was walking the unforgiving 660km Gibb River Road).

Seeing as it was just Super Capes and I on his Indigenous overnight bush culture/history/kayak tour, does that make me his Lois Lane?? Oh Lord, please no!!!

Bogged in your car on a dirt track because you thought it was 4WD? Well don’t fret, Super Capes is here to tow you out. (I KNEW they’d be British!)


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Monkey Mia

Last week my travels took me to Australia’s Coral Coast where I was staying at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort and you know what Taste Master fans? I didn’t even see a single monkey.

Now that’s what I call false advertising!

After the short flight from Perth we landed at Shark Bay Airport. “Friends” at the Tourism Western Australia office had advised me to try and get off the plane as quickly as possible and to rush to the baggage carousel as it can get EXTREMELY busy at this airport.

Once again folks I’d been the unwitting subject in the National Australian Pastime of Pom Teasing. Will I ever learn?!

Here’s the airport.

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