Top Four Big Things

Western Australia is a very big place with very big things in it, and throughout my travels I’ve compiled my Top Four Big Things list.

I was going to do a Top Five Big Things but got to number four and couldn’t find a fifth.

Anyway, Top Five’s are SOOOOO 1990’s.

The year is 2013 people, so let’s get with the times. This is my TOP FOUR BIG THINGS LIST (so far) of WESTERN AUSTRALIA!

Number 4

Bananas are big business up in Carnarvon, the food bowl of Western Australia. With $104 million worth of fruit and veg being grown annually (including more than half of WA’s banana crops) no wonder they’re so proud of their fresh produce.

And what says “we’re so proud of our fresh produce” better than a Giant Banana? (Pop trivia-the banana tree is not actually a tree, but a perennial herb).

Carnarvons Banana

Number 3

Straight in at Number 3 folks and it’s the Giant Percolator out in the Swan Valley. We were on a Taste Buds Tour, sampling all the wonderful delights of the region, when all of a sudden BAM, this massive coffee pot loomed out of nowhere and stopped us dead in our tracks.

I was transfixed for I don’t know how long and it hypnotised me into buying a lovely cup of coffee from their shop at Mago Coffee.

Number 2

And we’re back up to the North West, gee, the guys up here sure know how to build Big Things. This time it’s Carnarvons Giant Egg. Imagine the size of the chook to lay that whopper!

Egg Fun Fact: The average hen lays 250-270 eggs a year!

Number 1

OK pop-pickers, this is it. We’re at the business end of my Top 4 BIG Things List (so far) of WA and there could only REALLY be one winner.

Returning from our Wheatbelt Road Trip and on a VERY tight schedule, we completely re-arranged our afternoon to pull over and just marvel at this work of art.

Whether appreciating from afar or studying the fine craftsmanship up close. Whether circumnavigating in awe or taking a moonlit stroll with a loved one underneath, it makes you happy to be alive.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Wagin’s very own, GIANT RAM.


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