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The Pinnacles

Howdy folks,

Well today’s Taste Mastering adventure sees me on a bus trip to the other-worldy, sci-fi-esque structures called the Pinnacles.

So all aboard and buckle up as we set off on the 500km round trip from Perth to explore the eerie landscape of the Pinnacles Desert.

Here we go!

Hang on a minute…why am I holding a 15 year-old 30kg wombat?

Ahhh, first stop is the zoo! Nobody told me that! Caversham Wildlife Park is a family operated business and houses the largest privately owned collection of native wildlife in Western Australia. It’s also a regular stop off on this trip. I must’ve missed the memo.

OK, now it’s time to see the Pinnacles!

So how come I end up doing this?

…Is someone playing a joke on me? This doesn’t look like the Pinnacles from the photos I’ve seen?? It looks much more like I’m holding a giant $200 Grade H 2.5kg rock lobster above my head and pointing for the cameras.

OH, we’re stopping for lunch at the Lobster Shack in Cervantes and having a good old look round their processing plant. It was very interesting actually!

I’m starting to realise there’s a lot more to this Pinnacles Tour than meets the eye…

Here’s the processing plant.

And here’s my absolutely delicious Seafood Fiesta lunch. I’m VERY GLAD this was part of the tour.

Okay, so NOW we’re going to get to see the 80,000 year old limestone structures, set against a backdrop of constantly shifting sand dunes.

Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve got to do this first……

Bloody hell, I’m knackered but thoroughly enjoying myself.

So after holding a giant wombat, becoming a kangaroo whisperer, having a tour of a lobster processing plant and wrestling with one of the massive crustaceans (then eating it), four-wheel driving up and over sand dunes and then sand boarding down them, we finally reached the Pinnacles.

I’d love to see the Pinnacles early morning or as the sun’s setting because they change all manner of different colours.

That was one of the most random, enjoyable tours I’ve ever been on I think.

The pinnacle of Pinnacle Tours without a shadow of doubt!

Tips and Tricks

Getting to the Pinnacles

My insider tips

  • If you have more time, take  a self-drive journey to Cervantes and join the  fisherman  at the Lobster Shack on their Lobster Pot Pulling tour. You’ll cruise around the Cervantes Islands as well as see Australian Sea lions.