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A Broome with a View

Ahhhhh, and what a view it is Taste Master fans.

I was privileged enough to see Broome for the first time by air on a short helicopter flight, but it was only when I landed that I fully appreciated the beauty of world-famous Cable Beach and felt a real sense of community in the town.

That evening I was invited to A Taste of Broome, a unique multi-arts performance and culinary event which celebrates the regions’ Indigenous culture and multicultural community. I was tagging along with my host Robyn, who’d been travelling with us up the red earth-stained road to Cape Leveque and back. I have to say, Robyn is a constant source of entertainment and enthusiasm and an excellent travelling companion. A resident of Broome for 21 years, she has some great stories (Fatso the Crocodile) and knows pretty much everyone (and their dog…”That big one’s called Beverley”).

With a rich pearling history, Broome attracted divers from countries such as China, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines in the 1900’s, and that diversity is still present today. A Taste of Broome celebrates this through music storytelling, dance and food.

After an excellent evening’s entertainment it was time for an early(ish) night. I couldn’t stay out too late as I was competing in the annual Broome Dragon Boat Regatta at Roebuck Bay the next morning, and didn’t want to let my team down! I was originally lined up to be rowing with reigning champs the Surf and Rescue Life Saving crew, but got the feeling they weren’t too keen on an inexperienced Pom scuppering their chances of another title.

That point was proven when I was demoted from oarsman to drummer, with instruction that I was to follow THEIR stroke and not vice versa. Then when the first race came around they got someone else to drum anyway! Just when I thought my chances of competing in the regatta were over, out of nowhere I was approached to join a NEW crew, a real motley bunch of men, women and children, and best of all, I could have my own oar.

First heat… VICTORY!
Second heat… FOURTH! (i.e. last)
Third heat… SANK!!

Good on the Surf and Rescue Life Saving Crew, they went on to win the whole regatta… whilst I was being dragged out of the water by their mates in the rescue boat!

Tips and Tricks

Getting to Broome

  • Virgin Australia has daily flights from Perth to Broome.

Where I Stayed

Events to Keep an Eye Out For

My Insider Tips

    • Sunset Bar & Grill at Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa for the perfect end of day drink watching sunset over Cable Beach.
    • Celebrate the Indigenous culture and multicultural community of Broome with a showcase of great music, dance, food and arts & crafts at the Taste of Broome, a monthly event held over the dry season.