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Great West Australian Wheatbelt Road Trip- THE MOVIE!!!

Howdy folks, here’s a little video I made after visiting the Golden Outback’s Wheatbelt region.

We had a great time at The Kulin Bush Races and Cambinata Yabbies Extravaganza, and if you want a bit more info about these events, have a look through my blog and read The Great Aussie Wheatbelt Road Trip parts one and two (published a couple of blogs ago).

Bye for now, have a lovely day!

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The Great Aussie Wheatbelt Road Trip (part 2)


And so Taste Master fans, we leave the Kulin Bush Races for the 90km drive south to the town of Kukerin. My travelling buddy Chris is behind the wheel, allowing my mind to drift as I take in the rolling crop fields, the famous wildflowers of Western Australia and the serenity of an open road….. What’s tonight got in store? Are we really fine dining in a shearing shed? Why did I put all my money on that horse?

Tonight’s destination is the Nenke Family Farm where we’ll be attending the 11th annual Cambinata Yabbies Extravaganza.

The Nenke family business was formed in 1990 by husband and wife Michael and Mary who were running a sheep and wheat farm at the time. An out of the blu